Fit and Healthy is far more complicated that cardio and strength, and yet the vast majority of people, Fitness Professionals included, restrict themselves to these 2 elements of Fitness. BUT to be truly Fit, Healthy and experience Well Being, so much more than this must be considered.

So what are the key elements of Physical Fitness?

  • Regular cardiovascular training otherwise known as Aerobic Training- that is, training on an aerobic level that works our heart, lungs and vascular system (circulation). For example, ExtreMMA, Clubstyle, Bounce, Boxing, W.T.Funk and BodyBlitz.
  • Anaerobic Training Anaerobic literally means without oxygen. Anaerobic exercise is  bursts of intense physical activity, as you may experience in Bodyshock, BodyBlitz, W.T.Funk, Define. Glycolysis occurs in muscle cells during anaerobic exercise without the use of oxygen in order to produce energy quickly, thus producing lactic acid, which causes your muscles to fatigue. Builds and maintain lean muscle mass. You will see anaerobic training in various forms in, Bodyblitz, Bodyshock (HIIT), Define, What the Funk?
  • Increased muscle strength and muscle mass helps protect your joints, reducing injury.
  • Increase Basal Metabolic Rate.
  • Increases bone strength and density.
  • Improves your energy.
  • Regular anaerobic exercise increases strength, speed and power, and thus overall performance.

******* It is HIGHLY recommended by a variety of Fitness Bodies and Peer Reviewed data that HIIT be performed a MAXIMUM 3 times per week. HIIT components of Group Fitness Classes should be NO more than 35 minutes*******

  • Regular Strength Training – that taxes our muscles, builds lean muscle mass and keeps our core, pelvis and shoulder girdles stable. Try Define, Bodyshock, Booty Camp, Pop Pilates, Flight Challenge.
  • Regular Flexibility Training – That is elongating/stretching our muscles and other connective tissues. Flexibility training has long term benefits, the most obvious of which includes, reduction in injury, increased joint mobility and more rapid recovery post exercise. Try Prana, Yogalates, Flight, Pop Pilates.
  • Stability training – Core, Pevic and Joint Stability is vital if you wish to be able to exercise for life, injury free. Try Define, Bounce, Flight, Prana, Yoga, Yogalates, Booty Camp, Clubstyle.
  • Mental and Emotional Health. Exercise increases the release of HAPPY HORMONES like Endorphins, Dopamine, Oxytocin, G.A.B.A and Seratonin, generally increasing our feelings of wellbeing. However, we can do more than that for our Mind, Soul and Spirit. Meditation allows us to be truly present and can settle the mind and spirit, centre us and is a powerful vehicle for self discovery and a means to inner peace. Not to mention the literally 100’s of other health benefits. Try Prana, Yoga, Flight and Clarity.
  • Coordination, Balance and Motor Skills. As we age these critical elements of Health and Fitness tend to deteriorate, which in my mind is the PRIME reason to start exercising young and NEVER stop. Falls and injury in the elderly and primarly associated with a decline in these key fitness elements. To enhance these, try, Clubstyle, Bounce, Yoga, Flight, Prana.
  • Variety! You cannot run the same regime week in week out, month in month out, year in year out and possibly hope to see results across all the required elements. Not to mention that boredom will most likely knock you out of the game.

Do you Fall into any of these categories?

  • I only do Strength/Body Building training…it’s all I need.
  • I don’t really like to sweat so I do Yoga or similar classes of breaking into a sweat.
  • I am “eternally injured/over-weight/or whatever other excuse”
  • I am a cardio junky….I don’t think I could possibly be fit unless you run/ride/row 50 km a day and move at a million miles/hour.
  • I don’t need/like to stretch Or Stretching Hurts, Or I don’t get a REAL workout.
  • I don’t do cardio… well as many, many more variations of the above themes.
  • I’m too Old, Unfit to do that….

I seem to be spending more and more of my classes and clinic hours (I am a Bowen Therapist also) trying to debunk the “what is fitness” myth! While it seems that the requirement for good cardiovascular fitness is reasonably well understood, if not accepted and a want to be strong and look good certainly is, the requirement to maintain a decent level of flexibility, joint stability and mental health, certainly in the main, is not!

An ideal training week, should contain workouts that encompass ALL of the above elements. Your week may include more or less of these elements, depending on your fitness goals. As a rough guidline, you should have at least one of each of these classes under your belt every week.

Cardiovascular Training – ExteMMA, Bodyblitz, What the Funk?, Bodyshock, Clubstyle, Bounce, Boxing.

Strength Training – Pop Pilates, Define, Bodyshock, Booty Camp

Anaerobic Training – Bodyshock, Define, Bodyblitz. What the Funk?

Flexibility/Stability – Prana, Flight, Yogalates, Yoga, Pop Pilates

Mental/Emotional – Clarity, Prana, Yoga, Yogalates, Flight.

Consider which classes might give you access to multiple KEY FITNESS ELEMENTS:

Coordination/Strength/Cardio/Motor Skills/Stability/Anaerobic Training – What the Funk?, Bodyshock, Bodyblitz,

Coordination/Strength/Cardio/Motor Skills/Stability – ExtreMMA, What the Funk?

Cardio/Stability/Coordination/Motor Skills  – Clubstyle, Bounce, ExtreMMA

Strength/Stability/Low Intensity Cardio – Pop Pilates, Define, Booty Camp, Flight Challenge

Mental/Emotional/Flexibilty/Strength/Stability – Yoga, Yogalates, Flight, Prana

So, which classes suit…(Guide lines only – exceptions to every rule)

Very Unfit, Over 50’s (haven’t been training for a while) – Booty Camp, Define, Clubstyle, Yoga, Prana, Yogalates

Pre/Post Natal – Booty Camp, Define, Pop Pilates, Clubstyle, Yoga, Prana, Yogalates

Pregnancy (seek advice – depends on previous level of fitness but consider) – Pop Pilates, Prana, Yogalates, Booty Camp, Define, Clubstyle

20 – 35 Good level of fitness – All classes appropriate.

35 – 50 Good level of fitness – All classes appropriate.

Rehabilitation after Accident or Injury (seel advice, but consider) – Booty Camp, Pop Pilates, Yogalates, Prana, Flight, Define