Mixed Pole

All levels from Ruby to Emerald. The mixed class style, inspires beginners, ensures more advanced students stay on top of their basic skills and allows people to move from level to level at their own speed and according to their developing skillset.

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4 thoughts on “Mixed Pole

    1. Hi Tamara, so sorry for the late reply! You are welcome to come and try one of our Mixed Pole classes for free. They run at 7pm on Wednesday evenings, 6pm on Thursday evenings or 8am Saturday Morning. You will need to call the studio on 0478 414 605 between 9am and 11am or between 5pm and 7.30pm weekdays to book in. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with. Admin

    1. Hi!

      All of our prices are available via the Mind Body app or website – mindbody.io/login and look up Core Principles Studio SA – or on the front page of the website under All of The Options. We currently have a Come and Try option for new members, which is $25 for two weeks, also available on Mindbody or via the website. I hope this helps! Admin

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