Great Reasons to Give Mums and Bubs at Core Principles Studio a go; The Benefits of Working out with your baby?

It is the intention of all Mums With Bubs Instructors at Core, to help you enhance and regain your health & fitness post partum and during all of the challenges becoming a new Mum presents.

As all of our Mums and Bubs instructors have had children of their own, they fully understand that, a lot of time is consumed juggling children, housework, relationships, and work, let alone a social life or getting to a Group Fitness Class. New Mums are often left feeling inadequate and sometimes like a shell of their former selves, Energy, vitality, and passion for life is now a dream!  We have ALL been there!

So with all of this in mind, we might have an answer for you. A class that accommodates both you and your little ones! A class where you can work out in a fun, safe and friendly environment…guilt free! Even better than that, and we have found, really important to new Mums, is that, what we offer via our Mums and Bubs classes, is Guilt Free training, friendship, community while all the while connecting and having fun with your children! Your baby will be an active and important part of your class– saving you time, money, and you time, with the added bonus of a stimulated and tuckered out little one and a very high chance of nap time when you get home……in turn more you time!

So what are the benefits of Mums and Bubs classes?

  • Allows you to change your body composition, helping you to reshape your figure creating a lean, toned body
  • Eliminate baby weight and develop an even stronger, healthier, pre baby body
  • Improve strength, stability and range of motion including core, pelvic floor and back strength
  • Releases endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin…our body’s feel good chemicals!
  • Increase coordination and develop motor skills.
  • Work with weights, baby weight, prams, carriers, steps and fitballs….variety!
  • Increases cardio vascular fitness
  • Increases flexibility, joint mobility and bone density
  • Stimulates baby and develops healthy habits for babyMnBv3
  • Bring bubs and be part of a supportive group
  • Develop friendships and support systems
  • Access the many other new Mum friendly classes available at Core Principles such as Pilates, Pop Pilates, Body Mind, Fitball and Clubstyle.
  • Access to a fabulous, professionally staffed, indoor/outdoor creche for your older children
  • Modifications are given allowing the progression from beginner to advanced level as your fitness level increases.
  • No previous experience necessary . Suitable for all ages and fitness levels

Our Mums and Bubs classes are open to Pregnant Mums too! Which means that you can be part of our Mums and Bubs community well before baby arrives, allowing the ability to develop a support system of like minded Mums! Basically, we are here to help you! Regardless of where you are in motherhood, how fit or unfit you are, we can help you get on the right track. Head on in to Core Principles Studio and give a class a try on us!