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I joined core initially because I thought the classes were a good workout, they were hard enough for me and they changed every week so I didn’t get bored. What I love now though, is that I’ve tried lots of things outside my comfort zone which I wouldn’t have done otherwise (like yoga, balls and the beast stuff) which have really benefited my overall health and well-being - particularly having an office job. I can see the huge benefits of these classes, but can also see where I need to improve further
I joined Core because I loved the variety of classes and how they weren’t the standard Les Mills. I like how the classes are all different and that I am being put outside of my comfort zone. I stay at Core as it feels like a family. There is such great support both during classes and outside. I love events like acro yoga and the markets and girls nights!! I love how the focus is “strong not skinny” and just how much my health has improved in a short space of time!
I initially joined Core because a friend of mine couldn’t stop taking about it.. I have stayed because no other place gives you the support that you get at Core and it is family
I also love the diversity and opportunity to do things that other gyms don’t offer like Pole, Flight and Acro... more than just a gym, Core is a more like a wellness centre.
Being dragged and I mean dragged by a friend was my first introduction to Core. Extreme MMA being my first class, it can't get any more scary than that or can it? Almost 3 years later I'm still going I love the fact that you get challenged but also have options and that no matter what age you are (and I'm old) you can still achieve a great level of fitness while having fun, lots of laughs and making friends.
Core is not a gym to me it's more like my happy place. Core offers so much more than any other establishment I've ever been too. The timetable offers so much variety for all walks of life and fitness levels. Also the timetable changes to keep it fresh and allow members to be able to attend their classes. There is no other place on this planet that allows me to dance, sing, laugh and be totally comfortable in my skin.
I signed up nearly 4 years ago to only join for 3 months to do Pilates. We just join in to actually enjoy what we are doing rather than a chore. Core is so inclusive!
I saw that a new gym had opened and thought I’d try it out. I signed up after my first trial class as I could tell there was something different about it. I love the variety of classes and the fact that the format of these classes are different every time so they don’t get boring. It’s not just a gym, it’s a community of lovely people all supporting each other. There are no egos or judgement, just encouragement to do your best and make a difference to your life. I have been to a wide variety of gyms for over 30 years but this is by far my favourite. I have been loving it for over three years now.
After joining various gyms & attending boot camp sessions for a few months I was totally bored of the repetition of going & doing the same exercises over & over! The gym I hated as nobody speaks & I need somebody to tell me what to do or I lose motivation. I have exercised with my bestie Nikki for 30 yrs so we were looking for something new & to keep us motivated! Joining core has been fantastic! We’ve been members for over two years now & we love the variety of classes. To see familiar smiley faces means a lot to me! I felt very welcomed from the start & I love the encouragement & support in the group & that there is no judgement. It really is a fun environment & has a lovely family feel & now a big part of my life! Coming from overseas it’s the little things that make me feel settled & Core is one of them xx
I had never done group fitness classes before coming to Core. I wasn’t interested in them. I would go to the gym and use the equipment, do my thing, not really talk to anyone and leave.

It was the different classes that caught my eye when a friend convinced me to come and try Core, like Bounce, Flight and Boxing. I hadn’t heard of anything like these type of classes before and I thought they sounded really unique and fun.

So initially it was the classes that sparked an interest for me, but since then there is so much more to love about Core.

The family and community feel is unlike other gyms. I love that it’s a smaller gym and that everyone is so friendly, welcoming and encouraging. I can’t stand the gyms where it seems all people want to do is walk around and look good in the latest active wear and not really do anything.

The classes and instructors motivate me. Since coming to Core I’ve been to a couple of gyms when friends have had “bring a friend” promotions, and nothing has compared.
I have found classes at these other gyms easy, repetitive and boring.
I love that the classes at Core are challenging and that every class is different. Instructors tailor everything and give options so everyone is working at their own level/pace.

The crèche was also a huge draw card for me. There is no way I would have been able to keep coming, especially when I first started, if there wasn’t somewhere to drop my kids. I had no excuse not to come when there was a crèche.

The awesome food and extra programs available at Core is another huge difference which sets Core apart from other gyms. I’m loving the healthy food options available. This has been such a highlight for me.

In a nutshell Core is so much more than about exercise and keeping fit. It really does foster such a holistic approach to health and fitness. Family, nutrition, and wellness are just important
Core to me = Creche (could not have previously attended without this), challenges (necessary to keep me on my toes), creative classes (love MMA/Work It/Define etc), a very necessary Boxing class maintained on the timetable and a continuous variety of class times available - as a single parent it really has kept me sane, and given me a much needed break and outlet, whilst also helping me to feel healthier and stronger
Mum told me about Core. She had been walking her dog past your grand opening and thought I would be interested. I think she was worried about me, knew my health struggles and wanted to help. She and I joined together a few days later.
I had been to a couple of gyms on and off but never really loved anything. I played regular sport when I was younger but that was a long time ago. With gyms I usually went with a friend to try and help with the motivation. I need people around me and someone yelling helps! I’m not an ‘exercise at home’ personAnd the bonus of the crèche was amazing, having young children.
I was attending 3x/week on average which I thought was enough at the time. I probably wasn’t taking advantage of all of the variety and challenging classes available. I also hadn’t altered my diet enough to make a difference.
It wasn’t until I signed up for the BodyMind Revolution that everything changed. Without being too dramatic, it changed my life. It changed my future and how that impacts me and my family forevermore is priceless. I’m getting teary thinking about it. I can’t thank Linda and the Core staff enough. There are no other gyms that support you like this, all of you. Staff actually care about your wellbeing. Core offers so much fitness variety to challenge your body. The information available to challenge your mind is incredible. It’s up to you what you do with it. I know no other gyms are as holistic because I have spoken to friends about it. There is no input from members. Certainly not on classes available or time slots! If there is some form of fitness challenge it is a one-size-fits-all meal plan and advice to work out more. Cookie cutter.
Core has a real community and family feel. It’s the vibe of the thing! There’s a large social aspect to Core also which I love. Who doesn’t want to chat, laugh, sing and dance whilst working out? I also love the ‘extras’ we have like the fermented foods, treats and body products, community food cart and veggie garden.
A new gym opened recently and staff were in the shopping centre, trying to get passers by to enter a competition to win free membership. I avoided it because I love my gym family and I will never change, even if it was free.
I originally joined as I wanted to get back into Pole Fitness and to make new friends after moving to Australia. I came along to an open day and was really impressed with what was on offer and everyone seemed really friendly and I thought, what a great community vibe the place had. I signed up and really loved being back at Pole. I also LOVED the classes on offer. It had been many years since I had done classes and even though I felt apprehensive and stayed at the back of the class, I always had a blast. However, like many have said, for me it was the non-obvious fitness benefits that Core provides. I now meditate and take extra time in my day to stretch and roll on my balls. I am focused on taking time for myself and ensuring that I put myself first in more situations. A few people have mentioned wellness and a holistic approach, and for me this has been the biggest impact that Core has on my life. I have had some time out recently (I had a baby), but am truly looking forward to coming back and smashing my goals. It is no longer purely about fitness for me. Core inspires me and encourages me to be a happy and healthier me in all aspects of my life. So a big thank you from a more chilled out, positive, determined and healthier me!