Practices to sooth and excite the Soul, bring Bliss and make you smile. Find peace, inner calm, joy or down regulate in our Soul Food Practices.

Classes Include – Yin Swing, Yin Yoga, AmazeBalls, Clubstyle, Acro/Inverts Skills and Drills

Yin Swing– Utilising the principles of ease, time and the use of props from Yin Yoga, and the anti-gravity, suspension and decompression benefits of our Flight swings. Down regulate your nervous system, put length and ease into your soft tissue, ground yourself and find inner calm in this delightful passive release class

Yin Yoga –. Put length and ease back into your muscles and connective tissue, while stabilising your joints. Long held poses, props and ease, help to settle the nervous system and move you from fight/flight to rest/digest. A relaxed and delicious flexibility and mobility class, suitable for everyone from beginner to seasoned stretchers!

AmazeBalls – Roll and Release. Using Yoga Tune Up Balls, expect to increase range of movement, mobility and flexibility as fascial tissue is stimulated, hydrated and released. Reduce pain, rehabilitate from injury, down regulate and calm the mind in this profound class.

Club Style – Funk, hip hop, contemporary, Latin, good old fashion aerobics… a fantastic dance based fusion. Loads of fun…the minutes will wizz by!

Acro/Inverts Skills and Drills – Acroyoga and Inverts. Learn the skills you need to become proficient at both and practice the drills to get you strong and stable enough, to really have fun with this challenging discipline.