We LOVE hosting all kinds of workshops and special events here at Core! Here are just a sample of a few of our past events

The Power of Breath – Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop – September 7

Discover the Bliss of Meditation and Mindfulness.
There are so many ways to meditate and be mindful;.
In this 2 hour workshop, we will look at a variety of techniques, in the hope that you will find something that works for you!
Learn how to use mindful breathing to improve your health and well-being.
Find out how to calm yourself and reduce stress.
Improve your general well-being and mental health.
Enhance mental acuity, concentration and productivity when you learn how to be, where you are.

Rage And Release – July 20th

A workshop that requires you to scream like a Banshee, tantrum like a toddler, throw a punch, kick something, throw shit and then breathe, strike a pose and let that shit go.

Utilising the principles of cathartic release, martial arts, yoga and meditation. We will arm you with take home techniques to calm your farm, cool our jets and settle your kettle. 

We Are Open!!! – 23rd May

To celebrate the re-opening of Core Principles Studio at our NEW LOCATION, we’re holding an Open Day combined with our next Market!

Come see our new digs, enjoy a trial class or two, and purchase locally hand made wares from our talented artists and makers!