This is our PASSION and  OUR LOVE and we ENJOY every waking minute of it!

Here at Core Principles Studio, we offer a variety of classes ranging from HIIT and Steady State Cardio to Low Intensity, Low Impact classes. Toning, dancing, stretching and even combination classes plus so much more are also part of our awesome Timetable.

The best part of all this is that you won’t find anything else like us ‘out there’.  That’s because all our classes are choreographed right here, in the heart of the studio by our very own instructors who are trained in freestyle teaching. This means we can offer a myriad of diverse classes that are completely unique and not offered at the standard gyms.

We strive for the highest quality in fitness education and leadership.  In addition to that, SAFE practice of Group Fitness and Pole Fitness is paramount. In order for this to happen, all our instructors are qualified, holding a Certificate 3 in Fitness, are Yoga or Pilates qualified and have experience in Free Style teaching.

If you think this is something you want to be a part of, please check out our Instructor Requirements below and send us your details:


  • Certificate 3 in Fitness OR Yoga and or Pilates qualification
  • Current First Aid Certificate
  • Experience free styling (Choreographing own classes)
  • Great with people
  • Team Player
  • Open to coaching and feedback
  • Friendly and able to work in a Community environment
  • Well presented.
  • Flexible hours
  • Able to cover other classes if necessary
If you meet our Instructor standards and have all these requirements, we want you! Step up and send us your details to take the first step in becoming a part of the Core Principles Studio Family.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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