Group Fitness – The Workouts

At Core Principles Studio we understand that an instructor-led workout delivers better results than whatever you’ve got loaded on your smartphone, on your TV at home, or when you train alone in a gym or on the road. Our Qualified Instructors, don’t forget what rep you’re on, aren’t afraid to correct your poor form, and don’t care that you hate lunges. If motivation is your concern, you can let that worry go. Our amazing Instructors will encourage, support and motivate. It is a fact that you are more likely to continue your training and realise your goals when you train with other like- minded people! Group Fitness Workouts, allow for this, and are fun, motivating and challenging. We have got you, Heart, Body and Soul.

Heart – Carefully crafted, Cardio driven programs designed to get your heart pumping, sweat flowing and endorphins teaming. Set to awesome tunes, these programs will leave you on a natural high, energised and ready to take on the World!

Bodyblitz, What the Funk? MMA, Boxing, Bodyshock, Power Pilates

Body – Build Strength, Stability and superior Muscular Skeletal Function in our Body Programs. Our instructors employ a great mix of Body Weight Exercise, Fit Balls, Barre, Resistance Bands and Weight Training to enhance Strength and Stability.

Define, Work It, Strong Yoga, Core/Flex, Flight, Acro/Inverts, Box/Body/Weight, Work It-Muscle

Soul – Practices to sooth and excite the Soul, bring Bliss and make you smile. Find peace, inner calm, joy or down regulate in our Soul Food Practices.

Yin Swing, Yin Yoga, AmazeBalls, Clubstyle, Acro/Inverts Skills and Drills