Creating Great Freestyle Classes – A bigger task than you would think!

Have you ever taken the time to think about the time and effort that goes into presenting a Freestyle Group Fitness class? Your instructor, does not simply arrive on the day and rip out a 45 minute workout. A lot of time, thought, research and practice that goes into building that class.

I was trained in the days when freestyle was pretty much all there was. I am sad to say that the art of great freestyle is dying. BUT, I am BLESSED that I was trained as a freestyler, I believe it has made me a stronger instructor. I have trained in several pre-choreographed programs over the span of my Fitness career. I have learned a lot by doing so, BUT, I always come back to free-styling! I am certainly NOT diminishing said programs, they definitely have their place and the very fact that the majority of fitness facilities in Australia run them is a testament to that. It is just NOT what we wanted to offer at Core Principles Studio.

We are blessed at Core Principles Studio, to have some outstanding freestyle instructors. While I understand the benefits of the pre-choreographed programs….they promote consistency, most of the hard work is taken out for instructors. 

At Core Principles Studio, we believe that there is something to be said for Great Freestyle programs.

Freestyle Group Fitness promotes;

  • Variety – every class
  • Creativity – every class
  • Challenge – every class
  • Uniqueness – you won’t see what we do at Core….anywhere else.
  • Committed Instructors – freestylers LOVE what they do, so their commitment to quality and to you is second to none.
  • Ownership – Freestylers “own” their workouts and give them to you out of love and passion.

So, what goes into building an outstanding freestyle workout?

  • Sourcing great music. Listening out for great songs, knowing your workout, knowing your class, knowing the theme/style of your class…all goes into finding the right music.
  • Researching exercises/moves/combinations – time!
  • Practice
  • Understanding the anatomy of music. That is, how does a song work, how do I fit my moves to this music?
  • Training
  • Often hours of planning go into a single class.
  • Continuous Education
  • Communication skills
  • Knowing your room…that is, providing options, changing things if they don’t work. Encouraging people when they are struggling. Learning the names of your participants. It, goes on!

Next time you are doing a Class at Core, take note of how your instructor  educates, demonstrates, observes the room, entertains, remembers a class plan or choreography, accommodates different skill and fitness levels, modifies the class as needed, makes connections with participants, corrects form and all of this done in time with the music. There is much more than you normally think about, to your freestyle Group Fitness Instructor.

Core Principles Studio is Unique in that, we have taken a Freestyle approach to group fitness. Even our MMA, Pop and Clubstyle classes are only loosely choreographed, giving our instructors huge freedom of choice, and meaning that every time you come to one of these classes, you will get something different; keeping your workouts fresh, challenging and interesting.

Having said all of this, we have firm guidelines on the basic format of our classes, meaning you get a well-balanced class with an appropriate Warm up and thorough Cool Down. Basic fitness safety procedures are adhered to and contraindications avoided at all costs.

Our Flight, Yin Swing, Yoga and Boxing programs, are Uniquely Core Principles, and while you may see other versions of these styles elsewhere, within the guide lines of each program, they are run as freestyle classes. These classes have been developed by Core and our instructors trained in the key moves, music selection, how to make classes flow etc. Yet, you will see individual personalities shine through as these programs are interpreted by each of our skilled instructors.

Freestyle allows us freedom, creativity, personality, individuality, uniqueness, challenge, and variety. Our in-house training and quality parameters mean you as participants are assured, safe, well-balanced, professionally run group fitness classes!

If you haven’t experienced great freestyle Group Fitness Classes in a while…or ever, drop in to Core Principles Studio, and give a few of our amazing classes a go!

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