Core Principles Studio a Fitness Studio with a difference.

There has been a collective realisation that an instructor-led workout may deliver better results than whatever you’ve got loaded on your smartphone. A trainer doesn’t forget what rep you’re on, isn’t afraid to correct your poor form, and doesn’t care that you hate lunges. It is a fact that you are more likely to continue your training and realise your goals when you train with others….Group Fitness allows for this, in a fun, motivating and challenging fashion.

AND, with the growing intrigue around High Intensity Interval Training and Body Weight Training…The Group Fitness Room has become a place for both Men and Women alike.

Core Principles Studio offers exceptional quality Group Fitness and Pole Fitness. Unlike the other gyms you have been to, our focus is on outstanding Group Fitness classes and activities. Offering a range of Free Style classes including

  • MMA and Boxing
  • Core Strength and Stability
  • Total Body
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Body Mind and Pilates
  • Dance and Burlesque
  • Fit Ball
  • Yoga Swing
  • Mums and Bubs
  • Boot Camp

With a PPCA license you will have inspirational music to work out to in the Group Fitness, Pole Studio and Private Training Zone.

Our instructors are innovative, super fit and dedicated to giving you the best fitness experience¬†available. Our high quality classes will tick all of your fitness goal boxes. Whether you want to dance, box, get strong or flexible, or work out some anger…we will have the class for you.

In our Pole Studio we cater for a large range of skill levels! Pure beginner, we’ve got you covered. Had lessons before? We can cater for you too! It is our goal to empower and educate you around the possibilities of pole fitness. We will offer Pole Basics, Pole Movement, Tricks, Pole Strength and Beginners through to Advanced classes.

Private Training Zone Coming soon – A place to hone your skills.
Ask about Private Coaching for Pole Fitness!