Our Philosophy

‘Core Principles Studio’ is primarily a place of fitness, where people come to shed weight, improve their cardio fitness, get stronger, become more flexible and more.

However, our philosophy is embedded in our name, ‘Core Principles’.  Over many years of learning, experiencing, learning some more, listening, loving, nurturing, exercising, learning some more, pushing boundaries and striving for excellence we came up with a name which we feel expresses who we are.

The word ‘Core’ means ‘at the heart of something’.  The core,  ‘the foundation of your life, cannot function at its best unless it has the ideal environment in which to blossom.  It cannot operate in isolation.  The ‘Core’ is only in total wellness when it is steeped in a full spectrum of strength, fitness, a strong immune system, love and tranquility and is fed the ideal diet of super building blocks.

  • Super Food
  • Fresh pure water
  • Clean fresh air
  • Love
  • Cuddles
  • Intimacy

The word ‘Principles’  – ‘A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior’

Serving a double meaning, in physical terms, having a strong ‘Core’ is central to one’s physical fitness.  It is definitely ‘at the heart of something’.

In short, we have a Fitness Studio dedicated to certain Core Principles

  • People – we have a heart for the people we serve. We believe in ‘family’ and see Core Principles Studio as a place where our members feel ‘at home’ and love coming to.
  • Excellence– we strive for excellence in everything we do – from our Instructors to our Office Staff and Crèche.
  • Creativity – we are continually ‘thinking outside the square’ to bring exciting new classes and initiatives.
  • Caring – caring for others – always being inclusive
  • Thinking Big – always seeing the big picture – not limiting ourselves or others.
  • Expectant – expecting greatness – in ourselves, our staff and our members.
  • Health – our Community Garden is an initiative to serve the members of Core Principles, growing and supplying organic fruit and vegetables and eggs from our very own chickens and to also be a ‘picture’ of what real food looks like.
  • Fun – we regularly hold fun events such as Class Mash Ups on every holiday Monday. These are usually dress up events designed for everyone to ‘let their hair down’ and have fun.  People and occasions are also enthusiastically celebrated.