It has been said, “You get fit in the gym, but you get healthy in the kitchen.” Core Principles Studio is interested in a holistic approach to life, not only exercise. With that in mind, it occurred to us that we should live our philosophy, not just tout it. So it was that the idea of a community vegetable garden came about. One of the main ideas was to recycle as much material as possible, to demonstrate how simply a home garden could be achieved. With a little bit of help from our members, we found, collected and amassed some basic materials. We were on the way!

We decided to go with ‘wicking beds’, as a way of minimising water usage, and to demonstrate their simplicity. The concept is similar to a self-watering plant pot. We laid a waterproof membrane at the base of the bed, put in a watering pipe, surrounded it with gravel, and covered that with towelling. (This is to stop dirt washing through the gravel and clogging it.) Fill up the bed with good soil, plant the veggies and cover with pea straw to hold moisture. Now we wait!

Our intention has been to encourage our membership/community to see the benefits of growing their own food, and pass it on. Hell, some people still think beetroot comes from cans! Additionally, we wanted to showcase different foods. The seasonal variety of all natural, pesticide and poison free, plants and vegetables, available to everyone. We have had our Creche` kids take part in the watering program too!

Soon we will begin construction of the chicken run, adjacent to the outdoor play area, so the children will be able to see the chooks scratching around, before providing us with fresh eggs! (The chickens, not the children!!) We are very fortunate in having a large outdoor area at our studio,and are pleased to use it in this way. With this garden approach, we hope to instill an attitude of self-sufficiency and confidence in the wider community, so anyone feels they can achieve similar results.

We are already harvesting some delicious foods, even in the depths of winter! Come along and check it out. We are by no means the experts, so if you have experience, advice, or even some time to demonstrate, please come and share your knowledge. If you just want to know more, come along and ask. See you soon!