Build Strength, Stability and superior Muscular Skeletal Function in our Body Programs. Our instructors employ a great mix of Body Weight Exercise, Fit Balls, Barre, Resistance Bands and Weight Training to enhance Strength and Stability.

Classes Include – Define, Work It, Strong Yoga, Core/Flex, Flight, Box/Body/Weight, Work It-Muscle 

Define – Functional strength, Global Core, Posture and Pelvic Stability are the focus of this cardio free class. Learn to Lift like a boss and look like a beauty, while stabilising your body’s powerhouse!

Work It– Endurance training! A circuit style class that is all about Stamina. Develop cardiovascular and muscular endurance as well as mental strength. May include weights, mini tramps, bars, resistance bands and body weight training.

Strong Yoga – Vinyasa Style Yoga. This class will challenge your Core, Butt, Legs and Upper Body. You will sweat, breathe heavy, strengthen and stabilise your whole body, whilst encouraging a bit of Zen into your World.

Core/Flex – 25 minutes of global core strength and stability training, embracing principles from Pilates, functional movement, Yoga and Barre; followed by 20 minutes of stretchy goodness.

Flight – Core’s unique blend of aerial yoga, suspension training and anti-gravity work. Yoga on another plane! Get off the ground and develop, grace, flexibility, and strength in this aerial class. Amazing for back health, Core Strength and Pelvic Stability and a huge amount of fun! 

Box/Body/Weight – Boxing meets Body Weight And Functional Weight Training.

Power Pilates – Cardio Pilates + Barre + Mat Pilates = A full body sweat fest.

Work It – Strength – Develop Muscular Endurance in this challenging circuit style strength Class.