Core Principles Studio Owner and Group Fitness Manager

Linda Domas

Linda has been a Fitness Professional and Group Fitness Instructor for over 30 years. She has studied Physical Education, Pilates, has a Certificate III in Fitness, is an Animal Flow Instructor, is trained in The Roll Model Technique, and has a Diploma of Bowen Therapy, Advanced Hybrid Neuro-structural Integration Technique, and a Bachelor of Applied Science.

Linda is incredibly passionate about Health, Fitness and Wellbeing, with special interests in Core and Pelvic strength and stability as well as connective tissue health and joint stability. She believes and teaches that Fitness is so much more than just Cardio and Strength Training and that it should include, Mobility, Flexibility, Stability, Mental and Emotional Health too. As such Core Principles Studio take a Holistic approach to Health, Fitness and Wellbeing.

You will find Linda at Core instructing MMA, Define, Box, Core/Flex, Yin Swing, Bodyshock, Clubstyle, Bodyblitz, What the Funk, AmazeBalls and Acroyoga….when she is not choreographing MMA and Clubstyle for the Studio!

Group Fitness Instructors

Narelle Searle

Narelle has always been a fitness enthusiast. She is an avid Netballer, competes in the True Grit competitions and is currently completing Certificate 4 in Fitness. Narelle is a rare find, in that she is a very competent all-rounder instructor.

She is creative in her class construction and planning and recognises the importance of embracing ALL elements of fitness. You will find Narelle teaching, MMA, Work It, Bodyshock, Boxing and Yin Swing.

Lisa Hobbs

Lisa’s love of exercise goes hand in hand with her love for science, human biology in particular. She is a closet geek really and loves nothing more than to study for fun! 

The complexity of the human body and mind astound her, as does what we are capable of doing when we apply mind to matter and believe in ourselves. She is most satisfied, when she sees people brought to life as they discover their passion for movement, and watching them succeed, amazing themselves at their own capabilities.

She has a creative side and loves interior design, sketching, and particularly enjoys drawing the human body. Lisa’s creative side gets heaps of satisfaction from her work at the studio as each week she gets the freedom to plan and deliver such a variety of classes.

Lisa has a Certificate III in Fitness and is a Qualified Yoga Instructor. You will find her teaching Yin Yoga, Strong Yoga and Flight.

Deb Slattery

Deb works full time as a Dental Assistant/Receptionist and has a Certificate IV in Frontline Management.

Deb has been working in the Fitness Industry for 30 years. She has a Certificate of Accreditation in Aerobics, exercise in Water, Physical Conditioning and Resistance Training and Rehabilitation Therapy and is a Level 2 Sports Trainer. Deb worked for 5 years and is still associated with local football Clubs.

She has a Certificate IV in Fitness, is a qualified Personal Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist and has her own small business practising from home. Deb also has a Level 1 and Advanced accreditation in Boxing for Fitness.

She is a firm believer in ongoing education related to the fitness industry and is extremely motivated and passionate about fitness and delivering this information to members at Core Principle. She believes in the philosophy That All Limitations are Self Imposed. You will find Deb teaching Define and Flight.

Pole Fitness Instructors

Michelle Plowman.

Michelle started off dancing on her Dad’s feet at her parents Dance Studio when she was little girl. She became an Australian ballroom dancing champion by time she was 10 years old.

It was from this start that a love of fitness developed. She experimented with calisthenics, tennis and running, but eventually found her passion in group fitness.

Michelle started as a protégé to Linda Domas. Once certified, she started Pole Fitness. She has been Pole Dancing for 5 years.

Michelle is a passionate and highly capable Pole Dancer and Pole Fitness Instructor, who loves sharing her skills her students at Core Principles SA.  You will also find Michelle teaching Define.

Katie Marks

Katie began pole dancing 5 years ago for fitness and a bit of fun. She became instantly addicted after her first lesson. She says it was love at first spin! She love all aspects of pole dancing, including the grace, strength, flexibility and the confidence gained along the way. Katie loves pushing herself to her limits week by week and seeing what new and challenging moves she can pull off.

Katie is passionate about sharing her love of Pole Fitness with her students at Core Principles SA. “There’s nothing quite like watching a student nail their nemesis trick and through it, gaining confidence, motivation, a sense of achievement or even happiness.” Katie has a Certificate III in Fitness and has completed Yoga for Core Strength Training.

Joy Secombe

Joy began Pole Dancing in 2012 and has been instructing Pole Fitness for the last 6 years. Prior to that she was a belly dancer, which provided a good segue into Pole Fitness. She loves the mental and physical challenge of Pole Fitness and finds it to be one of the most empowering and rewarding activities she has ever tried.

As an Instructor she is very patient, encouraging and supportive, which comes from her six years of coaching children’s sport. She is also extremely determined and if there’s one thing you can be sure of, Joy will never give up on you! There’s nothing she loves more than seeing students nail new moves and achieve their goals. Joy has a Certificate III in Fitness.

Angie Ashrie

Angie is a qualified Dancer, with a Diploma in Performing Arts. She has taught and performed professionally, within Australia and internationally. Her love of Dance has grown to incorporate Pole Dance Fitness because it is consistently challenging and builds amazing strength and flexibility.

Angie is trained in Zumba and Barre and is always learning from the evolving Fitness Industry. She also has a Certificate III in Fitness. You will find Angie teaching and Pole Fitness Classes.

Acacsia Lord

Creché Staff

Sam Page

Sam currently works in the creche at Core Principles Studio. She has two younger brothers and enjoys working with young children. Sam also has a Certificate III in Fitness and is training at Core Principles Studio, towards a career in fitness. 

Abbie Hobbs

Abbie works in the creche at Core Principles Studio! When not there, she spends her time creating art, handmade goods and completing commissions. She also loves playing games with friends and listening to new music or watching documentaries!