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Core Principles Studio, now located in Seaford South Australia, is an Affordable, Unique, Fresh, Holistic and Community Driven, Group Fitness and Pole Fitness Studio. Our focus is on Fun, Play, Trust and Complete Fitness. Our comprehensive range of Group Fitness Classes addresses ALL elements of Fitness, Health and Wellbeing and as such, we take care…

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Heart. Body. Soul

We are a Studio, where Fun and Fitness become one.

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Affordable Membership Options
All The Things - Unlimited Group Fitness
$25.00 Per Week
  • (Most Popular)
Come and Try - Unlimited Classes for Two Weeks
$25.00 for Two Weeks
  • (New Clients Only)
10 Class Pass - tailor your workout
$175.00 for 10 session
  • ($17.50 per class)
Silver Pole Fitness - 1 Pole & 1 Group Fitness Class
$27.50 Per Week
  • (Most Basic Pole Membership)
Single Session
$25 Per Class
  • (Come and Try us Out)
Gold Pole Fitness - 2 Pole & 1 Group Fitness Class
$37.50 Per Week
  • (Most Popular Pole Option)

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